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    Mc's on Circle




      I'm using AS 2.0


      I have big MC(circle - vector). It's not perfect circle because of Flash.On this circle I have some mc's (small circles - bitmaps) --> I'm using attachMovie on Big circle. I'm rotating with big circle by 45 degrees.

      Sometimes I have to delete small circle and create another one at the same location. But after rebuild the position of new small circle is a little bit changed[mm].

      It's visible and I'm very disappointed. It happens even the rotation is 0.


      Any help ?



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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          Can you show us an example in a URL, or show the code that you are using? Its pretty much impossible to understand the dimensions of the problem from your description.

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            Rothrock Level 5

            I'm with Rob on this. It is really difficult to understand what the problem is.


            However I do have one question. Why do you "...ave to delete small circle .."? If the problem is with the small circle moving around, then the usual answer is, "Don't move it around!"

            Kinda like:


            Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this.


            Doctor: Well, then don't do that!



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              polonDev Level 1



              Actually I have 2 big circles. One is bigger second one is smaller.

              The small bitmaps is moving from small circle to big circle. In that time small circle is parent of bitmaps.

              When animataion is finished I need change parent. So I need that big circle will be new parent.  So I have to delete old small mitmap (mc) and create

              another one at the same location with parent(Big circle).


              If it helps basicly the code is very simply :






              xPos = Platform4Coordinates[Index][0];
              yPos = Platform4Coordinates[Index][1];




              _root[PlatformDest].attachMovie(MCcolor, NewBallID, _root[PlatformDest].getNextHighestDepth());



              _root[PlatformDest][NewBallID]._x = xPos;
              _root[PlatformDest][NewBallID]._y = yPos;


              As I said before the coordinates is alright.




              ps: 2 big circles are at main scene.

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                robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                I'm pretty certain that I don't understand what you are attempting. From your descriptions it sounds like you have a movieClip that is a circular vector. You are attaching additional movieClips to this circle clip. You are rotating the circle clip and you are not happy with the position or location of the attached movieClips as the circle clip rotates. Is this accurate at all?

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                  polonDev Level 1

                  Once again ...


                  I have to circles(MC) which are on _root.

                  I have small bitmap (MC) which is attached on smaller circle.

                  In my animation the small bitmap is going from small circle to big circle.


                  The problem occurs when one of two circles is in different rotation then 0. I'm using 45 degres steps.

                  So for example if  BigCircle_rotation = 0;  and  SmallerCircle_rotation = 45;



                  small bitmap is going in animation    x += 1  y += 1  to some destination what I set on BigCircle.

                  And now I want to change parent. Because when I'm rotating Smaller circle also bitmap which is on Bigger circle is rotating also.


                  So I'm just  removeMovieClip(bitmap) and BigCircle.attachMovieClip(bitmap ...).

                  I'm using same destination x , y  but I see some imprecision.

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                    robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                    I'm sorry to say that I have no idea what you're trying to accomplish. Maybe someone else can jump in and give you the help that you need.