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    Help with Flash Video Import

    maximinius Level 1

      I was hoping to get some help with something that is frustrating me.


      I have an .fla file with two frames. In the first frame I need a movie (.flv). When the movie ends I need to progress to the next frame on the time line.


      I have converted the original .mov to an .flv and imported it into my file as an external viseo w/playback component and no skin. It is now in my library as FLVPlayback and I have given it an instance name of 'goFrame'. Its contentPath is the name of my .flv file (P1010472.flv)


      So I put the FLVPlayback onto my first frame and I put a stop() in the actions for the frame; and I have text on the second frame, also with a stop to see when the frame has advanced.


      I found this code:


      var listenerObject:Object = new Object();
      listenerObject.complete = function(eventObject:Object):Void
      myMedia.addEventListener("complete", listenerObject

      I was under the impression I put this code in the actions for the frame that has the video component (the first frame)


      I replaced 'myMedia' with 'goFrame' which is the instance name I gave my FLVPlayback but what is the listener object? This is the code I now have on the first frame actions:



      var FLVPlayback:Object = new Object();
      FLVPlayback.complete = function(eventObject:Object):Void {
      goFrame.addEventListener("complete", listenerObject);


      but it doesnt advance at the end of the video, it stop on frame 1 after playing the video.


      I know I must name the 'listenerObject' and the 'myMedia' event listener but I must say I am simply confused what goes where. I may be a bit dense as I have been reading forums that are discussion this type of thing but cannot figure what name goes where in this code or if I am entering it correctly. It simply is not advancing.


      can anyone give me a hint?