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    Error with "Replace wtih After Effects Comp"

    AugustStudio Level 1

      When I use "Replace with After Effects Comp" on a clip in Premier CS5 (Mac), it sends the clip properly, I make my effect in AE (stabilize motion), save, then go back to premier and there is not change to the clip in premier (the change was clear and obvious in AE). In the lower right is a red circle wth an X -- clicking on it indicates "an unspecified error ocurred performaning an action" on the saved AE file.


      The clip in Premier is marked red and indicates it is linked to the AE file, but the applied effect has not come through, it just looks like the original.


      However, when I make other changes in AE, sich as adding text, no problem -- it updates in Premier.


      What could be preventing "Replace with After Effects Comp" from workgin with AE stablizie image tracking files?


      Using CS5 on a Mac (10.6.7) wiht the latest updater updates installed on all CS5 products)


      Really stuck here. Thanks!