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    BUG: Web DVD photoshop.com naming issue

    MassNerd Level 1

      I think I've found a bug (or perhaps enhancement if you're being kind) while trying to create a web DVD (a large project 1 hours and 7 minutes long).


      I tried 4 times to encode and upload the project directly to photoshop.com. (Share -> Online -> Photoshop.com -> NTSC HD preset). In the title dialog box I entered "Family Videos: Winter 2010-2011".  I selected an email address to notify, entered a quick message and started the encode. 10-16 hours later after the encode is finished is starts the upload. Obviously I'm not waiting around the moment it ends the encode and switches to upload, but at some point early in the upload it "FAILS". No info is given other than the upload failed.


      After the 4 attempts I decided to try a simple file name because MAYBE colons and dashes are not allowed. Viola! The video project encoded and uploaded no problem.


      So this is highly annoying. Why waste many many hours of time encoding only to fail the upload due to an invalid file name and then not even tell the user why  the upload failed? There really should be a check within Premiere to spare the user all that wasted time...