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    Premiere cs5 crash.


      Idk if its my Mac or Premiere Cs5. I have the pro master collection. And this only happens with premiere. Every 1 out of 3 times I have it open. For about an hour and Im working. The entire computer crashes.My work is saved because  save often. but Idk know why it dose this please help?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I'm gonna go with the Mac.  At least on the Windows side of things, the operating system is so stable that when a program crashes, it pretty much just closes.  Gone are the days when a program crash would cause an OS crash.


          So, given that, if Premiere Pro is actually causing the OS to crash, it's not a very well designed OS.  Or, if it's not PP, then something else is wrong with the OS.


          Either way, it's the Mac's fault.


          The solution?  Come back into the light.  All will be forgiven.  Move to Windows 7. 

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            When people report crashing on the Win side, there are generally 2 reasons


            Software crashes (PPro stops working) due to outdated or corrupt device drivers, especially the graphics adapter (video display) card, so the advice is to go to the vendor (nVidia or ATI or ???) and update drivers


            Some rare PPro crashes have been caused by having a USB device attached... scanner, flash drive, etc


            Hardware crashes (entire computer quits) are due to the computer working HARD for video editing, and a (usually) heat buildup due to lack of cooling or improperly mounted CPU cooling fan


            Both software and hardware crashes are fairly rare


            So... check your computer for updated device drivers and heat