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      Good Day,

      I’m wondering if someone has a good solution or a link to tutorials about working with metadata and keywords.

      All my footage is cataloged with PPR metadata using the Premiere Pro Metadata (scene, description, comment, log note). I may find related scenes when working in the project.

      My problem is to browse metadata and find related scenes from multiple projects in order to import them in a new project.

      With my former footage (mpg/mpeg) it was possible to create a “parallel” catalog in bridge, importing the keyword catalog from Lightroom and using the same keyword structure, but the new AVCHD files does not allow keywords or metadata. but i can still cataloged in PPR but only using the Premiere Pro Metadata fields.

      Probably PPR use a dedicated database not accesible from outside a PPR project.

      The only solution I have found is to import the timelines from all my projects into the new project and then browse for related metadata. This is unrealistic, it will take some days to import over 60 hours video.

      Is there any possibility to browse the PPR metadata outside a project and find related scenes.

      Thanks for any advice


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          Ok there are some indications by Adobe for CS4:



          The Metadata panel shows both clip-instance metadata and XMP file metadata for a selected asset. Fields under the Clip heading show clip-instance metadata: information about a clip selected in the Project panel, or in a sequence. Clip instance metadata is stored in the Premiere Pro project file, not in the file to which the clip points. Only Premiere Pro reads clip instance metadata not, other applications. However, in Premiere Pro you can link some clip metadata fields with XMP metadata fields. This option allows applications outside Premiere Pro to access the clip-based metadata by way of the XMP fields.


          In the Metadata panel, the Clip property value fields are internal. They reside in the Premiere Pro project file, and are readable by Premiere Pro alone. However, some of the property value fields in the Clip section have a link option box next to them. After you select the link option, Premiere Pro automatically enters the information that you enter into the Clip value field into a corresponding XMP field.

          When you select the link option, the metadata panel links a clip data field to an XMP metadata field in one of the schema. Selecting this option does not copy existing clip data into XMP fields. Premiere Pro does copy any clip data added after the link is made into the linked XMP fields. In most cases, the XMP field has the same name as the clip data field linked to it.

          end of citation


          Most of the linked fields are replicated in the "Dynamic Media" schema. I cannot find this schema in Bridge. Perhaps another application may read thos data. And again, not working for .m2ts (AVCHD) files.