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    Is it possible to script a cut and paste?

    lesnicole Level 1

      I have grayscale photoshop files that I need to be transparant where they are white to be used with a solid color adjustment layer.


      I have 2 methods I do this.

      1. Create a clipping mask with a transparant B&W layer that was loaded from a channel.
      2. I simply copy & paste the B&W into the layer mask of a solid color adjustment layer.


      I like to use #2 when it's an element that I don't intend to resize, rotate, etc, like a grunge frame. Not only does it take a little less file space (not much, but a little) it also is just a tidier, easier way to manage in my layers and edit the colors.


      Here's my problem: These files are rather big to share so I'd rather share the grayscale files and provide an action to take them to the next stage.


      The Question: I have created an action for scenario #1, but is it possible to do scenario #2? I couldn't get it to work to copy & paste a layer into a layer mask.


      Thank you kindly for your ideas and expertise.