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    Workflow advice - Premiere and AE

    AspiringDIV Level 1

      Hi there,


      I've made a video using Premiere which is about 4 minutes long. I'm now working on a title sequence in AE which I'll import into Premiere. But I also want to overay some captions in certain parts of the 4 minute video (such as a person's name and title during interviews), and I'm a bit confused about whether I should:


      A: Import my full 4 minute video into AE and do the caption work, then export from AE (risk lossof quality?).

      B: Import only the relevant clip(s) from Premiere into AE and overlay the caption before importing back into Premiere?


      Any advice much appreciated! Thanks guys

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First comment, there need be no loss of quality when exporting from AE. Quality depends on your export settings and codec.


          Read up on Dynamic link. That's the most efficient way to approach something like this.


          Generally I use AE to complete shots or sequences and edit those sequences into scenes in Premiere or FCP sequences. The sequences are then dropped into a movie timeline for editing into a movie. At 4 minutes I probably wouldn't go past the sequence phase of the workflow.


          Only on rare occasion would I export a Movie from Premiere as a completed edit then add titles and FX in After Effects. You want to keep as many editing options open as you can so that making changes involves the least amount of time and work. 

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Some more information about Rick's answer:


            This page gives a brief summary of all of the ways (other than rendering and exporting an intermediate file) to exchange data with Premiere Pro, none of which involve quality loss. Several of these ways involve Dynamic Link.


            There's some information here that's useful if you want to render and export an intermediate file without quality loss.