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    Flash frame rate issue

    chaky Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I just bought a new asus lap top with i7 2630 processor and of course i wanted to stress it with flash 3d right away to see how it perform.


      I am using away3d for flash player 10 and i build test app that has one sphere as a container ant for each vertice i on that sphere i added another small sphere.Of course i bumped up segments on parent sphere so that i have as much verticeses. When i build it the flash player allocate about 400mb of memory and frame rate drops to 1 frame per second. Now i understand 3d business in flash is heavy on processor because flash is not utilizing GPU yet but when i open task manager my CPU usage isn't 100 percent. its about 50% all the time.



      This is how it looks like


      There are 1562 small spheres on the image above

      I don't understand why frame rate is so small when CPU is not working 100%. Mybe this is an windows issue or fact that flash allocated to many memory.

      I have 8gb of RAM.

      Or just flash is not designed for such a thing. I just don't understand why it performs badly when processor is not working 100%

      Maybe the problem is how away3d works. I have no clue and don't know where to start search for solution.

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          ipauland Level 1

          The flash player is single-threaded and can't use multiple cores at the same time so it can't use 100% of your CPU.

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            chaky Level 1

            Hey thanks for your reply.


            Ooohh that sucks. After all this time flash player is still single threaded . It would be so fun to play with it if flash could use all of my cores and threads.

            I assumed that after tenth version it has to support multi processors but i was wrong obviously. Is making multi threaded flash player that hard or just they don't care or don't want to invest resources into that?

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              ipauland Level 1

              I guess there's a few issues. Adding concurrency/threads means that there has to be some sort of thread synchronisation to allow atomic updates to some datastructures without which the system would be unstable. It can be a lot of work to add thread synchronisation to the existing player. There doesn't seem to be much call for it amongst flash developers, but surely that day must come. For code not written to take advantage of multiple threads, adding thread support might actually degrade performance.


              It's not a small project.