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    Need a little help with AE


      Hi all, I’m having a little issue with After Effects. I’m a second year Computer Games Design Student and I’m in the process of wrapping up my various modules for the year.

      One of my modules is 3D and animation, I’ve rendered my final animation out as PNG’s. There are enough to run at 24 frames a second to suit the 22 second audio clip. When I put the images into After Effects as a PNG sequence the sequence is only 18 seconds long, and renders out at 18 seconds.

      I set the composition to 22 seconds long and made the frame rate 24 seconds when I first started the comp. I have a layer of the PNG’s ( The frames you’ll see) and a second layer of PNG’s (A Zdepth render from 3D Studio Max) to create a depth of field effect.

      How do I get those PNG’s to render out at the speed I want? They always render out too quickly.

      This will probably turn out to be something really simple, I apologise if it is! I tried looking online for other people asking, but I’ve got too many deadlines in the next week and can’t afford to spend time looking around. I’d greatly appreciate if someone could give me a hand.

      Thank you.