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    e reader


      When trying to activate my ereader (cooler) with ADE I get E_ADEPT_BAD_ELEMENT_VALUE and also E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY what does this mean

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          I'm thinking that the combination of these two messages means you haven't

          activated your ereader and set its clock.


          Generally, errors that refer to ADEPT are related to a problem with your

          computer's clock.  You should check the date, time zone and time of your

          computer's clock, and make sure that it's correct.  If it is, then your

          ereader's settings aren't set yet.


          The second message relates to your ereader.  You didn't say what that

          ereader is, so I can't talk about specifics.  General process is to to to

          the site that is linked to you ereader and register it with that site (Nook

          to B&N, SONY to SONY, etc.).  Once you've done that, then ADE will be able

          to authenticate your ereader and work with it.


          There's also a chance that your ereader isn't supported by ADE.  If you go

          to ADE's Help page, you'll find a link to supported devices on the right

          hand side, at the bottom of the first group.  If your ereader isn't

          supported (iPad's aren't, for example), then you'll have to use another

          etext management software, not ADE.


          Hope this helps!


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            joanh123 Level 1

            My ereader is cooler and ADE does support it

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              Jim_Lester Level 4

              The device is reporting bad values to Adobe.  Try to reset the device to see if that helps.  If not, some people have reported luck deleting the .adobe-digital-editions folder on the device, and then resetting the device.