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    Flex 4 bug after installing JDK


      I just installed the JDK and Netbeans 7.0


      Now with every new Flex Project i get an error message which says that my vars are not declined (don't know the error message in us version. i'm using the german)


      for example:


      private var test:String = new String();


      test = "hello"; <~ here flex says that i can't find the variable "test"

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          Ansury Level 3

          You need to specify more info about your environment.  What does Netbeans have to do with Flex project compilation?  (Unless I'm unaware of a Flash Builder plugin for Netbeans?  I've always thought it was only Eclipse compatible.)


          Are you using Flash Builder standalone w/Netbeans?  That's not a problem, but installing a JDK shouldn't break your Flash compiler.  Double check that you didn't accidentally uncheck "build automatically" within Flash Builder, or do a full clean and rebuild of the Flex project.