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    Are you deploying your Flex application(s) on the Internet or a private Intranet?

    Ansury Level 3

      I'm curious where Flex is utilized more heavily, because to me, an Intranet deployment has none of the downsides that people often cite when they complain about the Flash dependency.  (On a controlled Intranet environment Flash deployment is necessarily 100% if your organization develops w/Flash, and any extra bandwidth usage is generally not an issue.)  This is interesting to me because if you're judging purely based on major Internet websites, Flex/Flash hasn't taken over these big sites.  I suspect that most of the development w/Flex is for private usage, apps that joe-schmo random customers don't typically interact with and apps that generally aren't advertised to the public.  This does a bit of a disservice to the Flex SDK, because it masks how popular and productive it is.


      So where are you deploying your Flex apps?


      Virtually all the serious Flex apps I've worked on have been on a private Intranet, not the Internet...



      Btw - Adobe funded a recent study, which I found really interesting, about how Flex/Flash development is much more cost effective (both in terms of development and O&M) than a traditional HTML web "application".  I think it's pretty cool because it helps validate and quantify things I've been saying for years!