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    CharSpacing in DIR 11.5


      Due to the lack of automatic hyphenation in Director I usually integrate a method for adjusting the tracking of all important texts.

      Thus wrong or ugly line divisions on the user's system can be avoided to certain degree.


      This worked pretty well in older Versions (Dir 8.5) - but now in Dir 11.5 I meet a problem:
      Decreasing / increasing of the tracking is still possible in pricipal but only in integer values!
      Now "member("text").charSpacing= 0.0" looks equal to "... 0.9". All values are roundet down to an integer value.
      While the value itself is passed correctly to the member (put member("text").charSpacing.string always gives a correct

      result), the text is displayed with incorrect spaces.


      Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug which ca be traced back to the unicode support?
      Does anybody know a workaround?