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    Crummy Preview Quality?


      Why does my AVCHD (.MTS) video clip look so good when played in Windows Media player, but not so good when imported into PE and placed on the time line? I have done absolutely no editing/modifications to the clip. The video doesn't need rendering-there is a green line at the top. Thanks for any info!  Windows 7 64 bit, i7 980x @333 6 core processor, 12 GB ram DDR 1600, Radeon 5850 GPU Power   Elwood

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          Guy Lapierre-VzeV5M

          I believe the preview window plays the video at 720 x 480i. So the video is being downgraded in the preview screen.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Has your project been set up with the proper project presets? If so, there should not be a red line above the clips on your timeline.


            When there is a red line, you will see  a poor quality "soft render" of your video.


            Likewise, if you've added effects to your clips and a red line appears above the clips, press Enter to render the segment. When the red line turns green, you'll see  a much higher quality version of the playback.

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              Elwoodbluesman Level 1

              Steve, I have the proper presets. When I insert the imported video onto the timeline the line above the clip is green.  I don't understand why the preview video looks degraded.  I hadn't done  ANYTHING to it except put it on the timeline.  The finished/exported file however, looks fine.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                If you are using the proper project presets, there should not be a red OR green line above your clips on the timeline. So I'm not sure what's going on there.


                In any event, I've no idea why you're seeing degraded quality. If you are using the proper project preset and there is no red or green line above the clips on your timeline, the video is still unchanged from the data the camcorder recorded. So I'm sorry I don't know what's going on in your case.


                If you right-click on the Monitor, what is the quality set to?


                What model of camcorder do you have and how did you get the video into your computer? Did you use Premiere Elements' Get Media feature?


                And what do you mean specifically by "crummy" quality? Can you attach to your post a comparison of the of the original video compared to the preview?

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                  nealeh Level 5

                  Share your project to a re-writable Blu-Ray and let us know how it looks when viewed on an HD TV.


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                    Elwoodbluesman Level 1

                    I think the whole quality issue is a matter of resolution/screen size.  Today I "Open(ed) in Clip Monitor" a clip and it looked just fine as it played.  The better quality, I attribute to the "Clip Monitor" defaulting to, open in a much smaller window.  Some how Windows Media Player scales the clip in a higher resolution....FYI



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                      nealeh Level 5
                      • Check in Windows that your screen size matches the native  resolution of your monitor. For example if your monitor has 1920 x 1080  pixels, then ensure the Windows display settings are also 1920x1080. If  your settings are at, say,1024 x 768, then Windows will be scaling your  preview down to that size.
                      • Ensure that you are viewing at '100%' and not 'Fit'. Check this by right-clicking the monitor pane and checking magnification.


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                        Ted Smith Level 3

                        Preview is just that - PREview.

                        Intended to be used to see where you are in the sequence of events, rather than evaluate picture quality.

                        PE makes it lower so you can jump around from place to place and start playing the preview faster.


                        Have you tried the full screen preview mode?


                        Even Windows media player on any computer is not particularly good compared with a large GOOD full HD TV set.


                        Also if you are one of those unfortunates to buy a cheap Del or LG 22" computer monitor with about 1500 pixels or a supposedly "HD" 1360x768 TV,  you will never see how good your video is if you shot it in fullHD 1900x1080.


                        As others continue to say in this forum - check your original project settings match the type of video from your camera or at least are superior.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Well-stated. Preview is but an emulation, and no more.


                          In the SD-only days, one had to use an NTSC (or PAL) calibrated monitor, fed from the computer via FireWire though an A-D converter, and use PrPro (do not think that PrE has ever supported the use of an NTSC monitor for playback), to really see what the quality and colors looked like.


                          Things have changed a bit, but the process is still the same with an HD TV set up as the reference monitor.



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