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    Need extreme help! Toggle buttons! Application development



      i am currently developing an application for my college flash course and i have some problems. I'm making a machine that you enter a code into, it then has to play an animation when a submit button is pressed while it searches for a return message.


      Problem # 1

      I need to make some toggle buttons that stay down while clicked and then turn back to up when another button is clicked (5 total buttons), how can i do this??


      Problem #2

      I need to make a transition animation that plays once when the submit button is pressed but how can i activate this and have it play just once?


      Problem #3

      I need to make an opening door animation play after the preloader is loader and before the application starts, how can i do this? (i can figure out the animation but need help with making it play first and never again)


      Thanks to everyone who can help me!