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    filling out a form online


      I am having difficulty with the fill out and submission portion of my form creation. I have 'enabled usage rights' for reader, but for some reason when you type in the fields, the text shows up until you tab to the next field. Then the field goes blank. I am not real skilled with forms at all and I am guessing I am missing something stupid, but have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what. Any help/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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          Stacyede Level 1

          First of all, I realized I probably didn't post this in the greatest spot. But secondly, I have found out where my problem is coming from. I was viewing the pdf online using Chrome for my browser, not realizing it defaults to its own pdf viewer. Once I viewed it in IE and Opera and everything was fine, I checked around and found the Chrome pdf viewer issue. After I turned that off, everything worked fine. So please disregard my inquiry. Thanks!