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    pop up window only works once - this is for a charity project so help is gratefully received.

      I'm working on the site http://www.rhythmsdelmundo.com
      The proceeds of this project go to support climate change awareness and natural disaster relief.

      These are the elements relevant to this problem

      The 'buy album' button opens up a pop up window.

      The 'take a little voyage through the project' window calls up a video from an external site which then plays in windows media player. This is the actionscript on the 'voyage' button.

      on (release) {getURL(" http://exodus.interoutemediaservices.com/?id=c0a452ac-f284-4fd6-a8db-3b87d9acd09c&delivery =stream");

      My problem is this: If you go into the site and press 'buy album' the pop up window works fine. However, if you go into the site and click on the 'take a little voyage...', see the movie and then go back and press the 'buy album' button, it ceases to work. It's like the 'take a little voyage' is somehow causing a problem for the 'buy album' button.

      First of all I created the button using javascript, then I recreated it using actionscript that I found at Kirupa http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/centered_popup.htm

      Both methods have the same problem. I'm completely baffled.

      Does anybody have any ideas?
      Any suggestions are very gratefully received.
      Thanks in advance