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    9.0.3 Upgrade Fails on Vista


      I have PSE 9.0 installed and working on my Vista machine.


      I tried to use the upgrade to PSE 9.0.3, it is failing with


        Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.0.3 Update
        Patch cannot be applied. Please contact product support.


      I have tried to schedule a callback, and adobe website says callback is not available.


      I have tried to use chat, and that also did not work, adobe website says no chat agent was available both times I have waited for an hour but no luck.


      Any ideas where else to look??


      Note that I have Adobe Premiere Elements 9.0 and that upgrade worked just fine.


      thanks for any pointers on where to get help for this.

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          MTSTUNER Level 6

          See if this helps:










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            Ankush Ved Level 4

            Did the link shared by MTSTUNER helped? Let us know.




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              brunjest Level 1

              I just followed the first solution, turning off backup / synchronization and reinstalled 9.0.3 and this time it worked.


              Thank you!  A step forward.


              I have other questions on PSE 9, last version I had was PSE 5 which worked perfectly for me.  Main reason I upgraded was kids wanted to share photos more easily, I thought by now Adobe would have features to share to facebook, email etc.



              1. When I start Organizer, it always says generating thumbnails, I have 7000 items.  Why does it do this everytime?


              2. PSE 9 is so SLOW!


              It is so SLOW on my pc.  I have 2GHz with 3GB machine.  Even after Thumbnails done generating, the Software is unuseable. To click on Edit-Preferences-Backup/Synch -> it took 40 seconds to display the drop down box.  What is it doing???  I don't understand that the Organizer is doing, all I do is open it.


              3. Backup Synchronization -> I have 30GBs of photos that I have been backing up to linux fileserver.   How would I use this option?  it says 2GB limit which is sort of worthless.  I had turned it off but somehow it gets turned back on.





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                juergen_d Level 4

                I thought by now Adobe would have features to share to facebook, email etc.


                Can't help with your other questions and suggest you start one or more new threads to get them resolved.  PSE9 does support sharing to Facebook, though.



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                  Anchita Dogra Level 3

                  Hi Todd,


                  1. Organizer refreshes its imagewell on each launch. Since your catalog has a number of files (7000) so it might take some time for generating thumbnails.


                  2. However to improve performance, I would suggest turning of Auto Analyser unless you want to use it implicitly. To turn off, go to Edit>Preferences>Media Analysis and uncheck all media auto snalyser options.


                  3. Also regarding the 2GB limit : this is the free media storage space you get on you Photoshop.com account as a basic user. You may choose to upgrade member ship by going to Edit>Preferences>Backup/Synchronization and choose Buy More Space. You may choose from the various options available to proceed.


                  4. If you want to turn off back up/sync permamantly then go to Backup/Sync Preferences , expand Advannced Backup/Sync Options and uncheck option 'New Albums will backup/sync automatically' . Then uncheck the option Backup/Sync is On. This should resolve the issue of sync getting turned on automatically each time


                  Hope that helps. Thanks.

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                    I have the same problem as Brunjest (unable to update 9.0.3), but when I tried to go to EDIT/Preferences/BackupSync without being "logged in" - there are no "options" or means to turn-off backup - the screen says I need to login. When I go to the same screen after logging in, there is still no information to "turn off BackupSync" - just an empty screen. Worse, if I press OK or even Cancel - it starts to backup to online. I've got 50,000 photos and don't want it to try to backup. I would like to get 9.0.3 but it keeps failing (I was hoping the update would clear my printing problem - everything prints with a blue cast when requested from PSE 9.0 - other programs print OK.)  Anyway, I also tried calling, waiting to chat, etc. Very frustrated. Hope I posted this right. It's my first day!

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                      brunjest Level 1

                      HI MKD94,


                      my reinstall worked when I uninstalled and reinstalled as administrator. also I had turned off backup/synch, before I uninstalled.


                      Note that I have decided to move away from Adobe Photoshop.  I have given up.  It has beaten me.


                      Previously I had used MWP to rip all my music, even bought into the microsoft license approach.  I gave up and moved all music to ITunes and have never looked back.  Everyone in our family uses an iTunes player and it just works.  I think it is time to do the same thing to Adobe, get rid of it.


                      see -> http://forums.roku.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=8839&sid=b6696e02629b33530491585d3168cb1d&start =15


                      I think it is time to give up on Adobe for pictures.  They have lost their focus.   Or maybe their focus was never on family oriented digital pictures.  This Adobe Elements/Premiere version is a pig.  Every year it is another 100$ for another worthless upgrade.   I stated with 2.0 and have done 4 upgrades since then.  The facebook connection is worthless, the email sharing doesn't work with Mosiki thunderbird. The backup/synch hangs.  The thumbnails generation repeats over and over.  The catalogue interface has gotten more complicated not simpler.  Adobe is slow and cumbersome and you get no help from Adobe.  No helpl!


                      I am buying a mac laptop for my son this summer (10th grade) and will be moving the catalog over to Mac, I see postings on how it is an access database you can load.  I am going to load it into access and convert to iPhoto.  May even waste another 100 on Adobe Photoshop for Mac to help with conversion, not sure yet.  But I have given up on Windows/Adobe for photos.  My time is too valuable.  Thi software should just work. Even as I write this my catalog with 10,000 photos is still generating thumbnails.


                      But if you still want to bang your head against a wall go to Preferences/Backup-Synchronization.  Sign into adobe with your id.  You know you have an id to adobe because it is very helpful.  right??  What is it good for?


                      After you do that and wait for another 5 minutes, finally a screen will come up.  Mine is still hanging after 2 minutes.  (Vista, 4 GB RAM, 2GHZ Dual E2180 CPU)


                      And I get there is an error opening Backup/Sychronization.  Please close preferences and try again.  So I do try again.


                      This time it takes 4 minutes to load something.


                      Finally, it comes back.  Remove checkbox for synch/backup, reboot, cross your fingers and hope reinstall works.  I backup to Linux file server.  I would not rely on Adobe.


                      I have given up.





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                        brunjest Level 1

                        Good News.  I have finally gotten rid of Elements.   My machine works fine, I had to reinstall everything but now the machine actually works.   I wasted so many hours over the years with this Adobe software.  At first, in the 3.0 and 5.0 stage it was great, but the later versions are buggy, unsupported, costly, and make your machine crawl and unusable.


                        No more yearly upugrades for fat piggy software.


                        Using Windows Photo Gallery which works fine for us.


                        Still can't affor a mac but maybe some day.