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    Open Source Video Chat


      Open Source Video Chat

      After thousands of questions and forum posts, we decided to release the RVC project open source. RVC is a random video chat (aka. chat roulette) software, includes audio, video and text data streaming over both Cirrus – real time media flow protocol (RTMFP) by ©Adobe Labs – and the open source Red5 media server (RTMP). Most custom made chat roulette websites are powered by or built on RVC 4+ source code.


      Project home

      The project is hosted at Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/video-chat/

      SVN, use: svn checkout http://video-chat.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ video-chat-read-only


      Source Code

      Latest (up to date) source code can be found here (download packages may be weeks older):



      The developers, site owners and forum members, who worked close with us, may  remember, we did not stop the development since the first release (Feb.  28, 2010); we will further develop RVC Open Source and kindly ask you to join us  with posting your ideas and contribution in order to create a better  random video chat that is available to everyone, for free.