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    ADE problem


      I need help!  I have purchased a ebook from another book store.  The formats include PDB and ePUB which are compatible with the nook.

      I can't get it to download to ADE.  I find it on the computer but can not get it to open on ADE.  If I get anything it says there is an error and it

      is " Authorized by a different user account" and I have no idea what that means.  Nook was not help they said it was a Adobe problem and I have

      talked to them before and they are no help unless you what to pay.  Can anyone help me.  I have deleted ADE and reinstalled it but I get the

      same error.


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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          Given that you said PDB and ePub, you are probably talking about Barnes & Noble.  Currently ADE does not support content from Barnes & Noble (Adobe is working on this), and you will need to use the nook software (availble for both Mac and PC) to read those books on your computer.