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    AVCHD and Onlocation

    WPA_Jr Level 1

      I  have noticed some issues with onlocation cs5 and importing  avchd.   This  was  using  a canon HF21 camera.  


      #1  you can import this  footage  directly into  premier pro and it functions just  fine but when you import into onlocation no video is seen - only audio.

      #2 -  The  timestamp functionality and  automatch workflow does not  work with this footage either

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          Both playback and auto-matching were fully tested, and OL CS5 shipped with no known bugs in these areas. Which is not to deny for a second that you're having problems but only to suggest that we'll need more info in order to troubleshoot what's going wrong.


          Can you provide one clip that you're trying to auto-match along with the OL project? If one of the clips is small enough, you can simply email it to me (mapes at adobe dot com. The max on the Adobe end is 50 MB); if they're all too big to email, we can resort to FTP.)


          Did you sync the camera's clock to the computer's prior to shooting? If not, have you set the camera's date/time in OL?

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            WPA_Jr Level 1



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