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    Issue updating 10.0.0 MSI to 10.0.1 via MSP


      I've creating an Administrative Installation Point successfully with the latest MSP file (AdbeRdrUpd1001_Tier1.msp).


      The issue is after I install the new MSI that has been patched to 10.0.1 on a clean install of Windows XP SP3, the actual version of the files within "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader" are showing to be the following versions....


      AcroRd32.exe =

      AcroRd32.dll =


      and the same for every file found with in this directory, but the program says it is the 10.0.1 version.


      These files should be the following versions....


      AcroRd32.exe =

      AcroRd32.dll =


      I've checked the MSI file via Orca and everything shows to be version


      Why is the program showing to be version 10.0.1, but the actually files are show to be 10.0.0?


      I've downloaded both MSI and MSP files from the Adobe FTP site, and I've tried creating the AIP on different computers.  All with the same results.


      This is really strange.