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    Can I have Three Separate titles on three separate video channels in Pr Pro?

    mdubuque Level 1



      I would rather not migrate to After Effects at this time.  If at all possible, I would like to perform this work in Premiere Pro.  I know and understand that what I seek to accomplish is doable, some say easy, in After Effects.


      I would like to have different "ticker tape" type text readouts displayed at various locations within a, some scrolling vertically, some streaming from left to right and yet another going from right to left.

      Conceptually similar to the multiple data streams you see on CNN or CNBC below the image of the host.  These data streams display stock prices, world news, trivial advertisements, etc.


      Can I achieve this by using different video tracks, each with its own title?  Could I somehow change the background of each title to "transparent" to make this happen?




      Matt Dubuque