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    Can a horizontal spry menu expand up rather than down?

    Josh_B_369 Level 1



      FYI - my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS is minimal.


      I'm wondering if a horizontal spry menu can expand up (children) rather than down.

      The idea is to have it as a footer rather than a header.


      Although my page contains a header spry menu as well, thus all my CSS rules have 2 styles for 2 different menus.


      #sprymenu01 ul.MenuBarHorizontal (header)

      #sprymenu02 ul.MenuBarHorizontal (footer)


      I've been able to force the child menu items to appear above the parent menu items by:

      Editing the CSS style "ul.MenuBarHorizontal ul" changing the "margin-top" to a negative integer. (ex. -100px, -100%)


      However, this seems to be a fixed location. Meaning this could only work if all the child menus had the same ammount of items.

      if -100px then the top of the child menu appears 100px above the bottom of the parent menu.


      What I want to do is have the child menu expand from the top of the parent menu.


      Example of normal Spry Menu:

      Parent Item

      Child Item 01

      Child Item 02

      Child Item 03


      Example of what I want:

      Child Item 01

      Child Item 02

      Child Item 03

      Parent Item


      I assume the answer is to edit a CSS style rather than a JS rule, but at this point I'm not certain.