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    Annoying single page view in full screen mode



      I have checked the “Enable Scrolling” in the “View/Page Display” menu to have a continuous page flow (with gaps between pages) and avoid page bouncing when moving from the bottom of a page to the top of the next page. It works as expected when in windowed mode but not in full screen mode.




      - Why isn’t it possible to have continuous page flow (with gaps between pages) when in full screen mode? It is as if Adobe Reader disregards the “View/Page Display” menu preferences and always reverts to “Single Page View” when in full screen mode!




      - Also it would be nice to have an option to display a vertical scroll bar to the extreme right of the screen in full screen mode to be able to quickly scroll the document.




      These two features are the primary ones that make me still using Foxit-Reader instead of Adobe Reader albeit Foxit-Reader has a lower PDF rendering quality.