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    Render while editing comp in CS5


      Hi all.


      I created this acc just to solve this.


      When i first installed my AE CS5, all was perfect. When i moved throug my time ruler, parts of my comp where rendered by it selfs and green rendered parts were shown in time. When i moved a layer (like a picture), the changes of the movement where shown in real time while i kept my left mouse button pressed. Also, when i changed an atribute of a effect, like the evolution of the Turbulent Displace effect, the animation occurs in real time while i keep my mouse button pressed, normally.


      From a time ago, all those kind of real time editing rendering stopped, and i need to release my mouse left button to see the change occurs. This makes my work harder in many ways.

      I tried to restart the preferences, deleting it from Use\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects\10.0 and starting AE, but the problem persists.


      Can someone help me?