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    Loading module from local files air



      I work on an air 2.0 application that is able to load some modules.

      I first did the following: create a launcher that will load the modules then I created some modules  I want to be loaded.


      I put the modules in the launcher application and am able to load them, and use them, using the loadModule function.

      -> mod.loadModule("modules/myModule.swf");


      But I now want to load the modules as local files  but not added to the project.

      I tried to use -use-network=false, try to use bytesloader, try to set relative and absolute path, put file:// in front of, and nothing worked,


      All my modules are in the local computer and have no connxion that can annoy me.

      I just want to be able to load a module that is in the same computer than the launcher application.

      Does someone have an idea on how to do that?