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    How to embed html (weblinks) in Spark TextArea?!


      Hi everybody,


      We want to put html-code (especially links) into our TextArea. We were looking for some examples, but in no example the links were working. So user couldn t click at the link to enter a new page. Anybody any suggestions or a good tutorial?


      Even the example at the adobe page isn't working: (we tried firefox and safari on windows and os x)

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/spark/components/TextAr ea.html?allClasses=1

      (at the bottom)




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          longo69115 Level 1

          We fixed the problem in our case. Our mistake was, that we did set the attribute selectable to false instead of editable. Afterwards it worked perfect for us.


          Spark Text Area:

          <s:TextArea id="content" editable="false"/>


          Import Text:

          content.textFlow = TextFlowUtil.importFromString( yourHtmlText:String );



          In mx.controls it works like that:

          <mx1:TextArea id="myTextArea" />


          Import Text:

          myTextArea.htmlText = yourHtmlText:String;