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    Disc Menus in Premiere 9


      I have a project that contains a couple of different videos with audio in both. I have imported both the videos (mp4 videos) correctly, I believe. I created scene markers and a stop marker. When I go to Share the video, it loses the menu option. I want to eventually make this look like a DVD with a Main Menu and Scene Selections but when I save to my hard drive it automatically starts playing the video without the main menu. When I Auto Preview the project it looks just like a DVD with a Menu and Scene Selections. Is there a certain format I am supposed to export my project in order to keep the main menu, scene selection, and markers?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Can you tell us more about what steps you've taken?


          Did you apply a menu template to your file?


          Did you output that video using Share/To Disc?


          BTW, MP4s usually make for very bad video sources unless they are AVCHD or from a Flip camcorder -- in which case it is very important that your project be set up with the correct project settings.


          What type of camcorder did your video come from and which settings did you select when you set up your Premiere Elements project? Using a good video source and selecting the right project preset can save you a lot of heartache when you later try to output your video.

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            jamarroland1 Level 1

            The steps I have taken so far include:


            - The vidoe was originally created using camtasia to capture my screen as an instructional vidoe on how to work a certain website and saved as an MP4 file.


            - I took that file and literally dragged it into Premiere Elements 9.


            - The instructional video is two parts which is 2 seperate files so I dragged both videos over and they are both MP4 files. I placed both files on the timeline and using the green marker tool on the toolbar I placed a scene marker in the beggining of the video which created a green circle and I placed another before the second speaker and then a stop marker at the end of the clip which created a red circle.


            - I went to the Disc Menus tab and chose and applied one of the menu's that was available and dragged it to the left  as the instructions mentioned.


            - In return it made the two scenes and a main menu which looks just like a DVD movie menu and scene selection menu


            - I then went to the share tab, selected computer, MPEG, and left everything as default and saved the project.


            - After the save completed it created a .mpg file which strips away the menu options and automatically plays the video. It removed the markers, scene selection, etc.


            Am I saving it in the wrong format? I also tried to save it as a flash video but still strips away the markers and menu options. I was succesful at saving the video in using the Disc option to make it create a DVD and the menu option and scene selection was available but I want to save it to my hard drive becuase I want this to go onto my IPAD and work correctly as a marketing tool.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              "- I then went to the share tab, selected computer, MPEG, and left everything as default and saved the project."


              As I said, in order to create a DVD with menus, you need to use Share/To Disc. Otherwise you get a file -- not a menu system.


              Sounds like you're doing everything else right. Although, as I said earlier, that video may not produce the best results (particularly if you haven't selected the proper settings for your project). So I'd try a test output of a small project before I put hours and hours of work into something only to find out it looks awful or stutters when it plays.