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    Changing a project's file path in RH8




      I was just wondering if it is possible to change a project's file path after it's been created. I'm currently copying the RoboHelp 8 project file from my personal laptop to a web server, and some of the developers asked if I could just save the project directly to the web server, but there is no "Save As" option once a project has been created and I can't find any way to change the file path in Properties or Options.



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          The way you change the path is by copying the project to a different location.


          However, your developers are helping you aim a shotgun directly at your knees by suggesting that you can save a project to the server. This is bad on a few different levels.


          First, While RoboHelp edits HTML content similar to how Dreamweaver does, the output files are vastly different. A process has to occur to convert the source files to output files.


          Second, These forums are littered with posts where all manner of issues are reported by working with projects while they are located on a server. That's a horrible approach is is doomed to problems.


          Best practice is to only edit projects from your local C drive. Then you generate (also to the C drive) and you finally *PUBLISH* that final output to the server.


          Cheers... Rick



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            Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            And you can always use Peter's approach and zip up copies of your projects for storage on the server for backup purposes.

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              Kimota12 Level 1

              Yeah, I wasn't too keen on the request. Basically, now when we "publish", I copy the help content folder to our QA server after creating and testing on my PC, overwriting the old help folder. Then, after confirming that everything is functioning correctly, the help folder is copied over to our production server.


              They were just inquiring whether I could save it to the QA server's file path after creating it on my PC, rather than dragging and dropping the folder.


              Thanks for the advice!

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                Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You could skip this step of manually copying the WebHelp folder contents (out of your local project's \!SSL!\ folder) by setting up the QA server's path in the Publish dialog of the SSL layout you know.

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                  Kimota12 Level 1

                  Okay, I set up the project to publish to the web server in the SSL settings, and it seems to publish correctly. The only problem seems to be that the system landing page is in the WebHelp subfolder, and after publishing the project the confirmation popup lists all the files being published to the correct paths. But when I actually look on the server, the updated (published) landing page is now in the main folder, while the old landing page file is still located in the WebHelp subfolder. I can changed the file path on the Help link to correct this, I was just wondering why the system wouldn't copy everything over within the same folders as the project on my PC.