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    How to display a new movieclip in FRONT of a video component?

      Hi all,

      I hope some can help me with this problem.

      My problem involves the visibility of movieclips and text that were created programmatically at run-time, with regard to a video component that was created in the Flash IDE (since video components cannot be created at runtime?).

      The movieclips are always rendered BEHIND the video component, which is annoying since they are supposed to be an overlay over the video stream.

      They are created at startup with statements like:
      this.createEmptyMovieClip("mcOverlay", this.getNextHighestDepth());
      mclOverlayLoader.loadClip(" http://www.mydomain.com/clip.swf", mcOverlay);
      But the clip is always displayed behind _root.video (which was defined at authoring time).

      How do I create a movieclip (or text) at runtime and force it to appear in front of a video object that is already on the stage (at design time)?

      Any suggestions are much appreciated.