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    using Embed compiler directive with Linked folders?

      My team has a folder that we store common code / resources in. We followed the example here in the LiveDocs

      When I make a new Project in Builder (the Eclipse plugin), I create a New > Folder and chose the Advanced Options button to link to the folder, which is outside my Project's directory. The folder's name is 'OurStuff').

      I have an AS file in the "LocalClasses" folder, which is in the root of my project. I try this inside the AS folder:
      public var addImage:Class;

      and the compiler will not do it.

      If I unlink the folder and create a new folder called "OurStuff" inside my project (NOT linked) it works just fine.

      Will the compiler not deal with linked folders? If it does not...
      (1) Why not? (I know, whiny) and
      (2) How do people make a variety of projects in a team that use a standard set of images and resources?


      -- Todd