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    Terrible AE CS5 problems since most recent update last week

    Stanley Arthur Level 3

      A formerly very stable After Effects CS5 has become nearly unusable since the most recent update to last week.


      Elements I am using are no different from some previous projects. They include 720p24 mpeg video captured in Premiere Pro from HDV tape and a single jpeg photo. Nothing else. Projects are now constantly crashing. Additionally, if I make it far enough to get something into the render que, AE crashes upon clicking "render". After that, the project will no longer open, saying that files are missing.


      I used a workaround of importing AE comps into AME to render, understanding that AME is supposed to render in the background to allow me to keep working. However, AME rendering freezes when I then try to run AE. When I close AE, AME picks up where it left off. Again, this system was working very well until I downloaded the update last week. Is there a way to roll it back without it taking hours to do so?