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    More Printing Problems


      I recently downloaded Adobe X and have subsequently experi

      enced problems printing files that are opened in this

      format. I use Windows XP and have an HP J6480, with

      which I had not previously experienced problems. I have contacted HP and have downloaded the

      most recent driver for my printer. I have a duplex printing setting on the printer, which I select.


      The scenario: I locate a .pdf file of interest and use the icon to activate printing. Initially, I got repeated first page results and had to continually clear the print buffer and delete the file from the printer.  Files that should print in a minimal amount of time are taking extended periods of time to print. One file went through a "flattening" process and did not print beyond the 3rd page, ignoring the duplex setting. Currently I am printing a 27 page file that has taken in excess of 30 minutes to print, and of which only 18 pages printed. That should not be.


      I need a solution to the problem. I am in the middle of a research project and even though I prefer the Adobe format for files, with this kind of reliability I will be forced into another format. What solutions do you offer?


      I have trusted Adobe to release products that are reliable. Do I need to reconsider?