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    Need help Toggle Buttons, playing nested movie clips!


      Problem # 1

      I have a movie clip that i want to trigger with a toggle button, inside this clip i have various movie clips in different layers that should play all at once.

      The problem here is that when i press enter and watch the clip on the stage, every layer plays but when i make the movie some layers don't play. How can i make them all play?


      Problem # 2

      I made a toggle button out of a movie clip now i need to be able to do some more things:


      1- make the button inactive after being clicked

      2- add function to it so that it plays a nested video, how do i code this? Do i need to add an event listener, or mouse event?

      3-make it stay toggled until another button is clicked:

         When a button is toggled it will remain pressed until another button is clicked so it automatically releases it. (is this even possible?)