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    I'm going insane...

    SmpleJohn Level 1
      Alright, so I'm working on developing an online magazine page flip thing for my company and I've got all of the kick butt functionality plus some. Now I need to import the .pdfs to make everything vector, but I keep getting a wonderful "unknown error" message. If I import .ai or .eps files all of the text and images relocate to wherever they want, and if I use a .swf and loadMovie, it cuts out revealing the page behind it every time it loads the page.

      This is driving me nuts. Is there a way to completely flatten an .ai file so there are NO layers? Just one flat image? I think that would solve my problem, but am not sure. I'm open to any other suggestions.

      Here is a link to what I'm working on: http://www.wrightsreprints.com/flashtest/pageFlip/. The first page has the loadMovie function working for it. Looks pretty bad.

      Thank you in advance!
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          you could export your .pdf to flashpaper, but it can get rough. However, you could actually just pull the .swf (fp) once, then manipulate it to fit your pages (as you do with your code).

          which flash are you using CS3? If so, you can also pull symbols from illustrator CS3 to FlashCS3. A tool I've used and found helpful :)