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    Future sdk version


      Hi to all,

      just a short question about the possibility to use the same sdk enviroment for every adobe product.

      any way to use the CS Extension Builder into Lightroom? http://www.adobe.com/content/dotcom/en/devnet/creativesuite/cs-extension-builder.html


      have you alread planned to add this important feature to next releases?




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          areohbee Level 6

          I dont speak for Adobe, but nobody from Adobe has graced this forum in a long time.


          That said, I highly doubt Lightroom will use CS Extension Builder anytime soon - Lightroom is not part of the Creative Suite, and it's charted its own path scripting-wise - hope I'm wrong.


          Consider asking the question, or requesting the feature on the new site.



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            DawMatt Level 3



            Some have used the ExtendScript IDE that comes with Photoshop and recent versions of Photoshop Elements when developing their plugins, but I'm not aware of any specific advantages this provides over any other IDE.


            As Rob has noted Lightroom is not part of Creative Suite and the branding is deliberately being kept separate. I doubt the SDKs (or their build environments) will merge, and not just because they use different languages.