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    Upgrade CS5.5 ripoff!

    m2tno Level 1

      So I just upgraded to CS5 in September for over $600.00 US and now less than a year I have to pay $399.00 US to upgrade to CS5.5. What is this?


      Adobe's response to me was, "Well, you can still use your CS5 version," after I told them I shouldn't have to pay for the upgrade.


      Anyone else upset here?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          And why exactly do you think you're entitled to a free upgrade? As you were informed your software will continue to function perfectly well.


          Do you demand a new car when the new models are released? A new computer when Intel produces new processors? A new TV?


          If you don't want the upgrade, don't buy it. If you need it for business then it's a bargain and you can lose the cost in one or two jobs.



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            I have to agree with Bob here that no one but our own sense of keeping up with the Jonse's is making us buy the upgrade. That said I will say that it is rather disingenuous of Adobe to launch an upgrade so quickly after CS5 came out and charge an obscene amount for only a .5 upgrade. There is frustration for sure, but there is nothing making us buy it.

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              m2tno Level 1

              Thank You AlphaBovine and Bob,


              Bob it's not the fact that I have to pay for the minor update it's the amount they are asking I think is unreasonable considering I just purchased the CS5 update.



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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                You get a new version of Acrobat Pro, and updated versions of several other apps including InDesign and Dreamweaver. If you don't need them, don't buy them. Everyone needs to evaluate what their getting for their money.


                For some folks this is an upgrade that can be skipped. For others it's worth every dime.



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                  I wish I COULD have the CS5 version!!! I was LIED to  by Adobe and told that I would be able to do a cross-platform switch to Mac, and I would not have to pay for anything more than the shipping on the discs. That was about a week ago. Now they want me to shell out $400 for this bull**** "upgrade" to CS5.5. Out and out LIED to.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    You were not lied to. Last week you could have.


                    You should have taken advantage of it while you could. The cross platform offer is only for current versions and right now CS5.5 is the current version. Why didn't you do it when you had the chance?



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                      bsweet65 Level 1

                      Because I was not told that I would be gouged $400 for a beta version the following week. I was a careful consumer, and was getting a good deal on a Macbook. They may not of lied, but they were sleazy to omit it. If I weren't trapped into using them, I'd be out the door. As it is, I will wait till version 6. Or maybe it will be version 5.85, the way these scumbags are going.





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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        I'm just the messenger. FWIW, I agree that you should have been told that CS5.5 was coming but it was announced all over the place so you're not nearly as careful as you say you are.


                        But given the attitude that you're exhibiting here, I can't say I blame anyone for not trying to help you.


                        Over and out.



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                          bsweet65 Level 1

                          Yes, I was careless, I'll admit it. I was so focused on researching a good Apple, and making sure that CS5 would run well on the model I purchased. I was careless in taking Adobe for their word. Never again.

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                            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                            (1)     No one lied to you and no one is gouging you. Any price or product or product upgrade/cross-platform sidegrade quoted either on our website or by any Adobe Customer Support agent is for when that price is communicated to you unless it is accompanied by any qualification such as “price good until” with some specific time and date. It is not an indefinite committment. You didn't ask for what the price would be a week later or even if there would be an ability to do a direct cross-platform exchange a week later. If you asked agent how long the offer for a cross-platform exchange for the cost of the disks was good for, you would have been told either that they didn't know or that it would be good until CS5.5 was actually shipping. CS5.5 was already announced with availability being imminent; this was already public knowledge as is the fact that once Adobe ships a new release of a product, it no longer offers sales of upgrades or sidegrades of previous versions.


                            (2)     What is currently being licensed is certainly not a beta version. There are in fact numerous new features in the CS5.5 suites compared to CS5, especially in the area of electronic publications.


                            (3)     You still have the option of running the CS5 suite on your Macintosh running under Windows using Bootcamp or Parallels or similar software. Adobe's software under Windows has the same functionality under Windows as it does on the Macintosh (actually for Acrobat, a few more features).


                            (4)     And suppose you did the cross-platform switch immediately upon getting the information (including submitting the required form associated with your destruction of your old media)? Would you now be complaining that you weren't given a free upgrade to CS5.5 since you did the cross-platform sidegrade only a week earlier?


                            (5)     Since you didn't bother to translate goniffs, I will take the liberty of doing so. Goniff is a Yiddish corruption of a Hebrew word loosely translated as thief (taken from the Hebrew verb לגנב - “to steal”) and is most often used very derisively. That is quite an accusation you are making, especially if you have nothing to back it up and it is blatantly untrue!


                            Your timing of your switching of platforms may have been unfortunate, but don't blame everyone else.


                                      - Dov

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                              Vet Med Illustrator

                              I agree. Just finished loading it for the Design Premium Suite and some programs, i.e. Photoshop and Illustrator, were only updated to 5.1. I have been having a lot of problems with CS5 which are well documented by other users and usually patches are provided to repair glitches for free. To use Bob's ridiculous car analaogy, if my car wiper motors were faulty on a new car, yes, I would expect it to be repaired for free if it was a common problem and not have to buy a whole new car to get working wipers. There is nothing fantastically new in CS5.5 and fortunately we have a group agreement with Adobe so we didn't have to pay for a new version released in the same year, but having to spend all day restoring my preferences and custom tools in all the programs is annoying enough.

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                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                Nice job of twisting my words to fit your agenda.


                                The original poster here was upset because he wasn't given a free upgrade to 5.5. I never mentioned a thing about needing to buy an upgrade to fix a bug.



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                                  Vet Med Illustrator Level 1

                                  That would be my point- you don't know what your talking about. It's safe to assume you have not actually purchased 5.5.

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                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                    That would be two incorrect assumptions.



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                                      I have to say I am rather annoyed here too, I paid £1000 GBP for Dreamweaver and Photoshop at the end of Feb 2011, and only a few weeks later learned that this was to be superseded!  Adobe, after initially having agreed to do my free upgrade, have withdrawn this offer and say that i must now pay for the upgrade.


                                      Now I think it is rather expensive to pay out all that cash for something that is out of date within weeks.


                                      I have seen someone using the new car analogy, but in my experience if you buy a new car shortly before the release of a new model, you can normally expect some nice discounts.  Has anyone ever seen an Adobe discount or special offer!

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                                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                        There were in fact discounts at the Adobe store in the weeks prior to the announcement.



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                                          creativetools Level 1

                                          It makes little difference to me, as I have the misfortune to live in the UK.  I have to pay £400GBP for a copy of Dreamweaver CS5, US customers get it for $399US, this translates to approximately £247GBP at present. Why?


                                          So I have already paid an unreasonably inflated price, and now just weeks later Adobe want more money from me.


                                          Surely even the most devoted Adobe supporter would have trouble justifying that!

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                                            bsweet65 Level 1

                                            You'd be surprised. I'm seeing some definite Stockholm Syndrome stuff going on in defense of unsheathed avarice. I had a chance to test drive CS5.5. OH, I'M SORRY, I mean CS5.1. Stunning. Somebody got a big bonus to come up with that one.


                                            I'll wait for CS6. That's the one coming out after CS5.785.

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                                              A lot of passion in these posts. Much better to have a simple conversation, methinks. Personally, I intend to do a pass on 5.5. I find it quite expensive considering most suite applications remain version 5, and CS5 is more than enough for my needs. We'll see what CS6 looks like.


                                              That said, I have long pondered the pricing of software such as Adobe, Autocad, etc.. It seems to me a pricing dance between what consumers will or can bear and a sense of exclusivity in the ownership of said software. In my estimation, Adobe writes amazing software. I also am aware that the development costs are high and the development process is unending. I also suspect that the bean counters have run the calculus. Still I can't help but suspect that Adobe would still make bundles (maybe more) if they sold every piece of software at their Educational pricing, simply because they would sell far more units. Is it better to sell 10 units at $100 or 100 at $15? Furthermore, while lower prices wouldn't end piracy, they certainly would reduce it.


                                              So, I don't think anyone is ripping anyone else off ... there are always less expensive alternatives, and caveat emptor - read the fine print. I do, however, know a number of people who could greatly benefit from Adobe products, and would purchase them if they could but afford the entry price. Adobe, everyone knows your software is primo good, so how about reflecting on the price point?



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                                                W. Bravenboer Level 1

                                                My main issue is still the  difference between prices in the US and the rest of the world. Why does an 5.5 upgrade for the Standard Suite cost me 361 euro, while the US upgrade is 300 dollar (210 euro) for an English download upgrade, the exact same program.

                                                And that is just a small difference, the full version is 1299 dollar (913 euro) and in the Netherlands we pay 1545 euro. English download, we don't buy localized software anymore, too expensive.

                                                I understand that there has to be a difference, but it is still a bit too much.

                                                The 5.5 Suite is not very interesting as only Indesign and Acrobat are updated (and Acrobat X is atrocious, the interface is terrible).

                                                But as more people will use Indesign 5.5 and we often have to work with open files, we will need to get one copy, while most clients still use CS3...

                                                As I see that the digital publishing tools for CS5 are very usable, there is no big reason to upgrade. In my opinion Adobe would be better off waiting

                                                till a big (CS6) upgrade is available, and the 'old' update cycle of 18 months is just right. At the moment I need to have CS3, CS4, CS5 and in a while 5.5 on my computer, all the while with the hassle of down-saving for some customers.

                                                I love Adobe software, but they are getting used to having no opposition, there a no real alternatives at the moment, not that I would want to lose Indesign...

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                                                  jstorm3010 Level 1

                                                  I do feel that Adobe have done the wrong thing with CS5.5.


                                                  I just recently purchased CS5 and to think that after such a small amount of time Adobe has shifted it's focus from CS5 and now on CS5.5. In true Adobe fashion they will not offer the same sort of support for the so called old version. I remember the issues when Snow Leopard came out and Adobe would not Support CS3 which I think at the time was only about 2 years old. Adobe expect us to pay top $$$ for these apps but only want us to use them for 12Months and then bully us into spending more big $$$ to have a product that will work on new future OS versions and Hardware.


                                                  This was not the case 10 years ago and when you paid top $ for your software you knew it would probably be with you for 7 years or more with out any support issues. Adobe is not my choice anymore and there are some very good open source apps now that are totally free and more reliable. Adobe has to look at how Microsoft reduced the cost of Office it is not a $1500.00 suite anymore and is still supported well including the older versions.


                                                  And before all the Adobe faithful go on about you just need a job or 2 and it will pay for it why the hell should I have to do this? Adobe have just got to big for there boots and we need some good competition and I feel it is coming with Open Source. I do not mind paying for software I just do not want to be ripped off!


                                                  Ohh yes Adobe 1 more thing why the hell do the US get your software so much cheaper then the rest of the world?

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                                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                    If you bought CS5 on or after March 11, you may be entitled to a free upgrade: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/153/tn_15304.html


                                                    Even if you don't get CS5.5 your CS5 programs will continue to work just fine.


                                                    I would be curious to know just what programs you feel have lasted 7 years.



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                                                      jstorm3010 Level 1

                                                      Well there are plenty examples of software that still performs well after 7 years. Office 2003 is a good example of this so there is one and there would be plenty more. Also your comment about CS5 working fine, well let's just see for how long it will as I am sure with the next Windows or OSX versions it will break and not work as well and Adobe will have CS6 by then and say that they will only offer support to CS6 and CS5.5.


                                                      I bought mine around January of this year but that still doesn't not matter. I should of got a free upgrade to Adobe Writer as they where still flogging the Master collection I have with the old version. This is a good example where Adobe fail's as they did not offer a complete up to date version of there suite. In the past they have allowed you to get the free download to the newer version but it did not appear to be the case this time (They did with CS2 I remember where the Adobe Writer had a upgrade). Adobe are ripping us off as there software is buggy and over priced. Autodesk is another similar software company to Adobe and we all know that Quark use to be the same although they have smartened up a bit now. I have been spending more and more time with Open source software as well as some other competing software such as Pixelmator (Wish they would do a Windows version of this). Although some of this software is not as full featured I can live with that for now and am finding more software and changing my work flow to suite where I can.

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                                                        excelcius Level 1

                                                        I originally bought macromedia 8 some years ago and upgraded to CS3 web premium, I missed CS4 because I couldn't afford it at the time. I was all set to upgrade to CS5 but then Adobe announced that they were increasing the upgrade price for people who didn't upgrade regularly, from the unreasonably high price of £570 to a completely unreasonable £760, made even more insulting by the ludicrous claim that spiteful customers had insisted that Adobe charge more to customers who miss an upgrade and now if I want to upgrade to 5.5 they want to charge me an eye watering £905, which Adobe are trying to force me to pay because Im moving to the mac and their ridiculous cross grade policy, which besides being convoluted only allows me to cross grade the very latest version. Why cant Adobe just have the mac and pc versions in the same box like everyone else! it wouldn't have anything to do with greed would it!


                                                        Adobe's pricing policy with regards to the rest of the world ie not the US is an insult an out an out insult! the UK, New Zealand and Australian versions quite obviously dont need to be localized but even so thats no excuse how much does it cost to localize a language 2K 3K. The other excuse Ive heard Adobe use is customer support, so the US gets customer support for free does it but the rest of us have to pay? Shipping costs since when does it cost £200 to send a small box across the Atlantic and that excuse obviously doesn't apply to the download version and finally tax well the VAT rate hear in the UK is 20% not 65%.


                                                        At the end of the day Ive figured out I dont need the mixer brush, I'll just get Coral painter for digital painting and I dont need repousse I'll just get cinema 4D both of which do a better job in their respective fields and are collectively cheaper! and I'm sure I can find alternatives to Dreamweaver and illustrator too.


                                                        Its pretty clear to me and other people Ive talked to in the creative industry, that Adobe has absolutely no respect for its customers, so little respect in fact that I think it will take an EU investigation and hefty fine to make Adobe listen! I will be getting a mac I wont be buying any more Adobe products until they stop ripping off their non US customers with their awful pricing and the ridiculous cross grade policy is abolished with dual disk versions, like studio 8 used to be and every other professional software maker still is!

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                                                          Pharther Phurther Level 1




                                                          1.) When we purchased the Master Suite 5.0 .. the sales person did NOT mention the newer 5.5 at all ... which was released a week or so later.


                                                          I can provide full purchase dates / receipt to confirm this.


                                                          It must have been a foreign call center policy.


                                                          I was also a trial subscriber .. and was not informed via email.


                                                          Nonetheless ...


                                                          An Adobe support tech was very considerate .. and provided the upgraded version for no fee.






                                                          2.) I have a documented bug problem I posted in the Forum on Jan 28.


                                                          It was not recognized until last Friday.


                                                          If it wasn't for some 'Forum' volunteers .. I would have not found the correct way to connect to support.


                                                          The "Bug / Feature Request" form completely erased one of my earlier submissions .. because it was over 2000 characters long. I'm not sure if there is a warning or not. It is also hard to find


                                                          Look for "Contact Support" .. and tell me where the form is? Adobe has yet to understand 'user friendly' ways to provide access to the support form.





                                                          3.) As far as 5.5 not being BETA .. I would DISAGREE .. since I have been fighting for a month with the same bug in 5.0 which completely corrupts the linked compositions between PP and AE .. in your highly advertised "Dynamic Link"


                                                          Being a new user .. It took me very long to isolate it with my vocabulary .. but nonetheless I reported it in January.


                                                          Why did it take so long?  I have had faster response to posts that included 'negative' language .. than to the actual problem .. such as your reply to a frustrated customer posted above.


                                                          When one pays $$$ for an Adobe software package .. I would expect it's employees and tech support to understand that these purchases pay the bills for the office and the development and the salaries.



                                                          4.) Professional courtesy would also allow 'special' premiums for customers who have legitimate issue regarding upgrade fees and software agreements.

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                                                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                            If you really bought CS5 a week before CS5.5 was announced then you would be entitled to a free upgrade as per Adobe policy: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/153/tn_15304.html



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                                                              m2tno Level 1

                                                              It was mentioned in one of the posts about migrating away from Adobe products to open source alternatives. So, I did a little research for open source alternatives for Adobe products. Here is what I found:






                                                              Here is my Google search result: http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=adobe+open+source+alternatives


                                                              If anyone else hase come accross alternatives please share.

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                                                                Hey folks,


                                                                Feeling the pinch with the economy the way it is and being reluctant to post a comment on this forum. The company I work for upgraded to CS5 at the first of the year. Along with that, the system software on the mac's had to be upgraded as well. Take that times 4 and you will soon understand the issue I'm seeing and when I get the feeling of being "ripped off".


                                                                After reading about the release of the 5.5 upgrade, I also became  frustrated with having to go back to my boss and ask for more money to  upgrade. We almost have to. I work for a printing company and it looks a  bit unproffessional when you have to call the client to ask them to  save down to a version you can open.


                                                                I have a customer that reguards the 5.5 version as being the "bug fix" and is soon upgrading to it. I advised against it, because it is not a "bug fix". Also we have seen a few others already switched. My expectations of a .5 release would be:


                                                                A.  Upgrade cost that would reflect the .5 upgrade.

                                                                B.  Not having to "save down" to be readable with versions in the same solid number version (ie. 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and so forth).

                                                                C.  By not releasing it at all to reduce frustration and saving it for the next full release of the software.


                                                                So to clear things up for future questions from clients. This version 5.5 is not a "bug fix" it should be considered a "regular" release and please read about the features before considering the upgrade?

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                                                                  bsweet65 Level 1

                                                                  Thanks for posting that info, m2tno. I'm glad to see that there alternatives, such as they are, for those of us who feel betrayed/exploited. Adobe has lost me as a customer for the time being and this info should help. I'll take a look again when CS6 or CS6.125 rolls around, but for now, these are worth a look.

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                                                                    alvarezferrer00 Level 1

                                                                    I agree with most of the people who say they should have been told in advance about the upgrade and as Bob says, no one is in fact obligating us to buy the 5.5 upgrade except when you get a new team member who gets the 5.5 (latest one on the market) and the rest of the team mates who are on CS5 can't collaborate because they made so many features that are non compatible that they will force a whole team to upgrade to a version that is not even offering anything ridiculously outstanding and that yet, after researching and having decided that Adobe's suite was the best product to fullfill the needs of the team (because there's a lack of providers in the market) now we are all stuck with having to upgrade 3 computers twice a year, we don't even own a group discount because we're not good enough clients (we don't bring Adobe that much money into the table at once) Lame and disappointing how the industry works and I am being forced to upgrade according to the CS representative who attended my call, his words: I am sorry about this but indeed you and your coworker will have to upgrade in order to be able to collaborate with the 3rd person. Thanks

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                                                                      I feel that the ripoff is no backward compatibility. I'm a professional user and keep on top of upgrades. But when I have a CS5.5 file comes to me and CS5 is all I have, I can't open the file unless I upgrade. And $399 does not see like a fair price after such a recent upgrade was done.

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                                                                        cleancreative Level 1

                                                                        People, why levy such accusations at one-another?


                                                                        Whether or not someone was lied to, I can't answer that, but I can tell you this, here are some facts...


                                                                        Customer service agents, regardless of who you're calling, is SHODDY at BEST, I've been deceived by more reputable companies than Adobe, whether or not it's been intentional is a different story. I can tell you that at least 65% of the time that I call customer service and have to make a quick business decision without hours to spend surfing the web about something, said agents have not communicated things properly, and THAT is enough to make a consumer choose a wrong decision, which affects the consumer negatively ESPECIALLY when it comes to business.


                                                                        Personally, my business lost over $15,000 due to being misled once and I'm a MAJOR stickler for details, really, deception happens even to the most careful of us.


                                                                        But if companies hire minimum wage people as customer service agents, guess what's going to happen, they do not care enough to or do not have the desire/capacity to learn things in and out, so the customer is always the one who is misled and therefore feels "lied to". ABSOLUTELY!


                                                                        Don't believe me on that one?  Go into an Apple Store and listen to their so-called 18 year old "genius'", who are there as a part time job, tell you things that make absolutely no sense what-so-ever and you prove them wrong right in front of them. Or just ask them anything that you, as a 25 year Apple user, knows that there's no way in hell they could know and watch them fumble around.


                                                                        Or, consider that perhaps, said customer service agent is in another country, or is pissed off that day, or is eating or whatever!


                                                                        Yes, deception happens regardless of whether it's intentional or not, but it's NEVER the customer's fault, and any way you slice it, it's DECEPTION.


                                                                        That's what CUSTOMER SERVICE is, making sure that happens as little as possible and when it does, IT'S TAKEN CARE OF!


                                                                        Now, with that said, what Adobe SHOULD have done is to say that anyone who recently (between date 1 and date 2) purchased CS5 would get a $99 upgrade to CS5.5

THAT would be the most fair, most customer service-oriented and to be blunt, most intelligent thing for Adobe to do. It's all about marketing, and great customer service is the best marketing ANY company can have, it sells itself and cost infinitely less than any other kind.

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                                                                          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                          cleancreative wrote:


                                                                          Now, with that said, what Adobe SHOULD have done is to say that anyone who recently (between date 1 and date 2) purchased CS5 would get a $99 upgrade to CS5.5

                                                                          Adobe does even better than that. If you buy a retiring version between date 1 and date 2 you get a FREE upgrade.



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                                                                            m2tno Level 1



                                                                            Show us!



                                                                            • 35. Re: Upgrade CS5.5 ripoff!
                                                                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                              I already did. Check out post 22.



                                                                              • 36. Re: Upgrade CS5.5 ripoff!
                                                                                Pharther Phurther Level 1

                                                                                My statement: I purchased Master Suite 5.0 and have yet to have anything close to a non-stressful working suite of applications.


                                                                                My Mac Pro .. top of the line ... 12 Core still dogs .. and now I have to install Lion to see if it fixes problems that where never solved in since I bought the software.


                                                                                I have posted myself sick here in the forums ... and waited for fixes.


                                                                                Now its the capture .. or the eyedropper ... my un-rendered preveiws suck .. and just after my snow leopard update along with the 5.5.1 update I have yet to notice any major difference .. except for the audio play / scrubbing seems to be fixed.


                                                                                Anyone with a Mac should have a free upgrade since the software has yet to perform like it was advertised.


                                                                                Anyone who paid for the upgrade should get a refund. Period.

                                                                                • 37. Re: Upgrade CS5.5 ripoff!
                                                                                  cleancreative Level 1

                                                                                  Actually, I DO agree with Parther Phurther.


                                                                                  Adobe has yet to put out a CS that doesn't constantly crash on me, whether it's having to force quit Illustrator, Photoshop, or AE... or Illy crashing while modifying type variables... or whether it's the key operqators not working when you have a browser open, which goes from OS to OS and from browser to browser, never being fixed by Adobe...


                                                                                  And before anyone says it's probably my system, no, it's not, I've been using Macs for 25 years, know how to maintain the shiz out of them and mine (all 6) are as clean as a virgin. I even tested it when I bought my new Mac, put CS 5.5 (and updates) on it with NOTHING ELSE and BAM, it was crashing left and right.


                                                                                  Adobe really does need to clean their act up, if CS was a car and had all these problems, you're Good and God D--n right the company would owe back on the lemon laws.


                                                                                  Adobe, this from a loyalalist to you, just because you're one of the few, and in many cases the only, one on the market, doesn't mean you can neglect your customers.


                                                                                  Productivity is KEY for us, and I can attest to the fact that while I work fast as hell, there are MANy times that your products hold me up like a thief going after my wallet.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Upgrade CS5.5 ripoff!
                                                                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                                    If I haven’t pointed it out in this thread, I’ll point it out again. Adobe has a 30 day money back policy. Also, while I won’t dispute the fact that you’re having problems, if everyone was seeing the same issues as you server hosting this forum would crash. Given your lack of information, I can only conclude that you’ve come here to rant, not seek help. If that’s the case, I hope you feel better.




                                                                                    OTOH, if you want assistance, posting links to the crash reports and full system specs would probably get you at some attention.




                                                                                    And please keep in mind that this is a User to User forum, not a direct line to Adobe so your mention of “your products” is missing the point.





                                                                                    • 39. Re: Upgrade CS5.5 ripoff!
                                                                                      cleancreative Level 1

                                                                                      Bob, whether or not it get's to Adobe is of no importance here, it's BEEN with them, hundreds of thousands of times over and the issues still don't get fixed."


                                                                                      Now, your statement that this is a "user forum" and the mention of "your products" is missing the point... TOTALLY incorrect


                                                                                      When is it, or has it ever, been a bad thing to have a common communication channel amongst such a large group of users? Whether or not Adobe sees it, or chooses not to, that's their call.


                                                                                      However, if Adobe puts up a forum and negelcts to pay attention to it, whether it be user praises, product compliments, criticisms, etc... then that just goes to prove the claim that Adobe is neglecting it's userbase.


                                                                                      Bob, being an avid supporter of a product is a great thing and in many ways Adobe has earned it (and in a many of ways they have a LOT of learning to do), but zealotry is bad, when one ignores REAL people's issues and common sense, they've crossed the line from supporter to zealot.

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