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    After Effects CS5 Spinning Beach ball

    Bokeh Creative Ltd

      Hi Everyone


      I'm currently working on 2 separate corporate films - Both require work done in Premiere with Dynamic Links to After Effects.


      Both films have timelapse sequences shot from Canon 5Dii JPGs


      1 has video footage shot from a Canon 5Dii (H.264 Mov files)

      The other has footage shot from Panasonic AG-AF101 (XDCam Mov files)


      However both films after several actions within the app cause After Effects to slip into a coma and display the spinning Beach ball. It's a bit hit and miss as to whether the Mac recovers - depending on the level of work I'll sometimes give it up to 5-7 mins grace to come round.


      There's no rhyme or reason so as far as I can tell, as I can't determine a pattern.


      I've tried Un-Checking the Render multiple frames Simulatneously as well as Un-Checking Enable OpenGL


      I'm running a 2x 2.28GHz Quad-Core Mac Pro 3,1

      Mac OS X 10.6.7

      20gb RAM

      300gb of available space on the App hardrive

      NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT


      Any thoughts, solutions would be gladly welcome