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    avi files play audio no video


      I have a newly installed CS5 on a newly built pc (MB = MSI-X58A-G065, 12 GB RAM, CPU = i7-950 QC, 3.06GHz, Graphics Card = MS-N460GTX-HAWK, 14 TB hard drives on Raid0 and Raid1)


      I have hundreds of hours of footage that are on external hard drives (edited and original files) that are .avi files. The breakout box on the computer that was used for digitising is a Canopus DV Rx realtime  When I place these .avi files on a CS5 (DVpal sequence settings) timeline, they play back audio with green video. I have checked (using GSpot) that the requisite codecs are installed and they are. I have tried importing files in Adobe Media Encoder and converting/exporting them as uncompressed .avi and .mov files. No joy - still green. I searched Canopus and this perhaps has something to do with Canopus being a 32 bit codec and CS5 being 64bit. I am now planning to install CS4 and use this for all my dvpal footage and use CS5 for editing HD and any new DVpal footage. This is not the ideal workflow solution. Does anybody have any conversion or other suggestions?


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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          You probably do need 64-bit codecs, as I'm assuming these are Canopus HQ files. A quick search suggested that those were only available with Edius 6; if you have that, the dongle in place, and Premiere Pro CS5 concurrently installed, you can decode the files.


          But, let's make sure that that's indeed the case: grab MediaInfo and run one of the files through in Text view. Copy and paste the report here.