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    Go to marker


      I have a "Play" button and a "Scores" button both of which have a different behaviour attahced to them.  One of them includes:


      on mouseUp me


      go "HighScores"




      and the other includes:


      on mouseUp me


      go "Loading Screen"




      But everytime I click the play button it takes me to the highscores screen instead?!  It only works when I remove the other behaviour but I need them both.  Any ideas? 

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          jchunick Level 2

          it sounds like you have two behavior scripts attached to your play button. Check the Behavior tab on the Property Inspector... if that's the case then select the offending script and click the 'minus sign' to remove that behavior from your button sprite.

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            Production Monkey

            You only need one "go marker" behavior.


            --  go marker behavior


            property  pMarker


            On GetBehaviorDescription me
              return "go marker behavior."
            end GetBehaviorDescription


            On GetPropertyDescriptionList me
              Props = [:]
              Props[#pMarker] = [#default:#next, #format:#marker,  #comment:"Pick a marker"]
              return Props
            end GetPropertyDescriptionList


            on mouseUp me

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              pbuddy12345 Level 1

              Haha as simple as that, never even thought to look there thanks