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    simultaneous Multitouch events, is it possible




      I just wrote an AIR app which shows a couple of photo's. With the multitouch lib it is possible to rotate/zoom them using two fingers.

      However, if one persone rotates 1 photo, an other person can not zoom/rotate an other picture. It seems that the app is single threaded or something!


      How does this work and can this be fixed ?




      UPDATE: just found out about MultiDraggable ( http://blogs.adobe.com/flashplatform/2010/06/introducing_the_multidraggable_1.html )


      import xd.parts.MultiDraggable;


      Multitouch.inputMode = MultitouchInputMode.TOUCH_POINT;

      // box is a MovieClip in the library
      var b:MovieClip = new box();

      var dragme:MultiDraggable = new MultiDraggable();


      But I'm not able to implement this in my application. Is there anyone who can show me how to implement this in the s:Application ?