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    UNC: Can't Find Links, Fonts

    jeffmlevy Level 1

      Good morning!


      We're having some trouble with UNC and InDesign Server.


      On an Ubuntu server, running Samba, I have a share, "assets". The share is read/write, and works flawlessly.


      I have unzipped a "collected" (packaged) InDesign document on this assets share, as: 'project'. Contained within 'project', is 'project.indd', and two folders, 1) Links and 2) Fonts -- the Zip is straight out of InDesign workstation's "Package" feature.


      Next, I have a simple script that opens the document,


      d = app.open(File('//nas/assets/project/project.indd'));


      In my CS5 logs, I see all kinds of problems:


      [warning] 2 [link manager] Link out of date: file://nas/assets/project/Links/test%20asset-1.jpg

      [warning] 2 [link manager] Link out of date: file://nas/assets/project/Links/test%20asset-2.jpg

      [warning] 2 [link manager] Link out of date: file://nas/assets/project/Links/test%20asset-3.jpg

      [warning] 2 [font manager] Missing Font Century Gothic Bold

      [warning] 2 [font manager] Missing Font BERNARD


      I ratcheted up Samba's error logging to 3, to get some more detail as to what is going on, and I can see some interesting things happening. First issue, the "Fonts" folder. I can see that InDesign Server is requesting a folder by the name of "Document fonts", and Samba is throwing an error. Why is InDesign looking for "Document fonts", and not "Fonts", as is created by the "Package" function? So, I mv "Fonts" to "Document fonts", and re-run my test. The font errors go away.


      Again: CS4 workstation -> File menu -> Package -- It creates a Zip file with nested folders, "Fonts", and "Links". Not "Document fonts" -- bwuh??


      OK. Question two, the "links". I have asset-1, asset-2, and asset-3.jpg in the Links folder. Why isn't InDesign finding my links? They're in a subdirectory of the 'project' folder, again, created by the Package function.


      So I tried moving the assets OUT of the Links folder, and into the same folder as my .indd document. This did not fix the problem.


      Can someone chime in on why these issues are happening, and perhaps help me find a way out?

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          Andreas Jansson Level 2

          Regarding Question n:o 1, could there be a version mismatch? Are you running CS4 when creating the package, and CS5 for InDesign server? The document fonts folder was one of the new features in CS5, allowing you to use fonts that only exist "locally" – per document.


          Regarding n:o 2. Make a relink call for each file (looping throgh all links in the document), in the serverside script, after opening the document.


          Best regards, Andreas


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