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    Installing FB 4.5 with incomplete Burrito installation


      I installed FB Burrito a while back on my Mac.  I *uninstalled* it by deleting the application as that is how you uninstall a Mac application.  However, now when I go to install FB 4.5, the installer complains that Burrito is still installed on my machine and to uninstall it.  I now realize there was an actual uninstall application, but I can't run the uninstaller as I deleted the app and I can't redownload Burrito as it is no longer hosted at Adobe.


      I also have FB 4.1 release installed.  I'd rather not uninstall that as I'd like to evaluate 4.5 before committing to using it for my day-to-day development.



      Any ideas for how to remove any remanents of Burrito so I can proceed with the 4.5 installation?  Is there a separate uninstaller I can download?