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    fade-in and fade-out or simple cross fade

    Hugo Simoes

      Hello guys!


      I just finished putting an HTML page together. Some of my HTML pages have an embedded Flash video object. 


      Every time you click on any link on the page, it flashes white... I was trying to get rid of all the white flashing...


      You can see the site at http://www.fci.tv


      Can anyone recommend a simple cross-fade effect that will always keep a black background, fading in and out the contents of the entire HTML page? A quick crossfade, up to 1 second maybe... I hope it's something real simple.

      I was hoping something like the Apple.com fade-in/out on first arrival.


      I found so many things online but nothing that seems to apply to a whole HTML page. I want all the elements in my page to fade in and out.


      Can you help? Thanks a lot!