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    RH7: I can't get the custom Bullet Image feature to work

    avi10000 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I want to make a bullet style with a circle shaped bullet. Using the RH default circle bullet gives me a circle that is too large for my taste, and I don't see any way to make it smaller. (Is there?) So I made my own circle bullet image. Then I entered the Bullets and Numbering dlg box for the style I am setting up,  and I used the Bullet image option to set the file name for the image I want. So far so good. Then I clicked OK however many times I was supposed to, to save my new style update and return to the Design window. Then lo and behold, what do I see - instead of seeing a lovely new little circle bullet, I see an angry red square (empty) in the place where the circular bullet should have been. So it is obviously signaling an error to me, but I can't think what the error could be. So far I have tried a PNG file and a GIF file for the image. (BTW, the HTML Prevew tool shows my bullets as small black squares.)