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    css in RH8

    luviola10 Level 1

      In trying to stabilize my styles in RH8 I opened up the default.css from the project file. In the numbered list style, I set the left margin for 0in. Then I went to format and saw that the left margin was -.025, so I changed it to 0. Then I closed the format tab which takes you back to the main box, where the left margin had reverted to -.025. I tried this back and forth for a while and the left margin does not stay the same in both windows.

      should I be changing the css another way besides through the project file? And why is the left margin different in the two places and will not allow me to make it the same. Please advise

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          RoboAsh Level 2

          It seems that you a giving a space between the '0' and 'in', this is an improper syntax according the RoboHelp.


          So try typing '0in' in the indent field and click Apply or OK and that should stay as it is.


          there is a chance that you are clicking on the spin control and that gets reset or due to a space it automatically sets to the closest correct value i.e. '-0.25'


          Your second part related to to Fromat TAB is not clear can you please elaborate or better put some snap shot to elaborate your point the someone might be able to help


          Hope this helps