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    Best AS3 editor?

    MatthewFord Level 1
      Hi all-- just upgrading to AS3 and I'm fired up!

      I used jEdit for my AS2 development and it was pretty good, but this is a clean slate and so an opportunity to embrace the editor I will use for a long time. So what do you advise? I want something quite robust-- really good search, multiple buffers, and all that. Also a bonus is syntax recognition and readability tailored to AS3 and XML.

      I have Visual Studio 2003 and loathe to upgrade it. Does anyone advise using a plug-in that makes AS3 good to edit in VS 2003? If so, where is such a plug-in?

      If anyone out there uses jEdit and knows a good plug-in to support AS3 well, please let me know about that as well, if you think jEdit is still the best choice.