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    Unable to install reader in XP Pro


      I am unable to get Adobe Reader, version 9 or 10 to install on this XP Pro SP3

      system.  I have tried with the download manager and downloading separately.  Both fail

      the sam way - that is, it appears to install to where the backup files are being deleted

      and at that point, it rolls back the installation and ends without giving any reason or

      indication as to what is wrong.  Suggestions needed as to how to figure out what

      is going wrong.  I suspect there is a problem due to having had malware on this

      system, but the scanners I have run indicate the system is now clean.

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          I had a similar issue.  Make sure you have all other programs closed at the time of the install, especially Office apps (like Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.).  Outlook was causing my issue.  Once I close it, the install worked fine.

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            artsid Level 1

            I have tried installing in safe mode - no help, in safe mode I get an error that AcroRead.msi cannot be trusted due to software restriction policy processing.

            I then tried in normal boot, but with startup items disabled via msconfig.  This also aborts like before with the error when temporary files are being removed stating Setup was interrupted before Adobe Reader could be completely installed.


            I looked at the Adobe log file and the last item in it says it ended with code 0 - there are no errors indicated in the log file.


            The error in the application event log is error code 1603 with event 1024, suggesting that logging be enabled for the Windows Installer - I tried that, but no MSI.log was created and I suspect that the Windows Installer is not being used by Adobe 10 installation.


            At this point, I am at a loss as to what is going wrong or where to look.  I have installed Foxit reader to allow our work to proceed in the interim but am interested in finding the cause of the problem since it may also effect other things.

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              pwillener Level 8

              See this article for more information on the 1603 error: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/834484


              Are you installing as an Administrator user?


              Does the event log give you any information what folder is causing the error?

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                Just to add to this make sure there are no programs running in the background as well this could help. One of the reasons I could not install it is because of different programs I had running in the background You can check this by simply pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete.


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